Carlisle United Fight Storm Desmond

Carlisle United first team players give a helping hand to victims hit by Storm Desmond­­­­­­­


Carlisle United Football Club have been helping the locals of their name sake after the county of Cumbria has been hit by the devastating storm Desmond. The effects of the storm are horrific; Carlisle’s stadium has been put underwater and remains submerged; many homes have been demolished by the flooding and many people have been temporarily put out of business. As a result of this, the Carlisle players all agreed to help move furniture from homes and clear houses.

The city of Carlisle has been hit by storm Desmond and is being helped by Carlisle Football Club; the players have agreed to help the people of Carlisle as they believe they need to help their loyal fans and give something back to the community. The storm hit on the sixth of December and floods and damaging remain there. Now that the stadium is submerged, all of Carlisle’s games have to be played away due to the storm’s effect on Cumbria.

The footballing side are in League Two and are placed sixth in the league, they are just coming out of the F.A. cup with a 5-0 win over Wellington United and are playing Yeovil town in the third round of the F.A. cup.

By Kade and Marcus

Author: sabrchs

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