“Over the past few years, the NCA has seen the people engaging in cybercrime becoming younger and younger,” Richard Jones, head of the Prevent team at the NCA’s Cyber Crime Unit.

Do you know what cyber-crime is? Studies indicate that the majority of young people are in the dark when it comes to breaking the law online. To investigate this, we interviewed two girls from Year 9. They both knew the general definition of ‘Cyber-Crime’ and some examples being ‘hacking, spam, plagiarism, cyber-bullying’. However, they were surprised to learn that the punishment for hacking could be anything up 10 years in prison. These interviews showed us that although teenagers know of cyber-crime, they are not well-educated as to what is actually is.

Cybercrimes can be divided into 3 major categories against: personal, meaning it affects one victim; government, hacking government systems; and property, breaking a computer or damaging files via hacking.

We believe that all young people should know the basics of cybercrime, especially in this day and age where the internet is becoming increasingly popular. Being educated on this subject could significantly help the National Crime Agency catch criminals.


Autumn and Anaya- Science and Technology Editors

Author: sabrchs

This is Ambrose. We are a unique Catholic school. We have a deep commitment to each young person in our care to support them, nurture them and see them fulfil their potential. Our commitment is to the development of the 'whole child': to seeing our students grow in knowledge, confidence and maturity. The most important thing about us is that we are a Catholic community where everyone is welcome. Our faith is our greatest strength and sets us a great challenge each day: to find the best in everyone.

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