Global Warming

What is happening to the world?

The world is changing. There is a massive increase in rain it is caused by global warming; this is by an increase of greenhouse gases where there is more carbon dioxide in the air than usual. This eventual could have a big effect on the atmosphere. There is a warning that there might be an increase of warmth. The earth is trapping heat and making floods this can only be created with greenhouse gasses. It is dangerous to us because if there is too much in the air it could potential kill us. The BBC has announced there will be 12 hours of rain due to this dramatic change. In Cumbria there has been some massive floods over four foot deep. It all happened on the 8th December 2015. Overall, the government finds “no clear trend” in annual rainfall levels for England and Wales, but notes that summer rainfall has fallen. While winter rainfall has increased. We need to cut down dramatically on greenhouse gasses immediately otherwise we could cause harm to all living people and animals.

By Logan

interviews with teachers. 


Author: sabrchs

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