Is More Mobile Technology Needed?

Throughout this year there have been many disasters, and medical agencies have done a test to find if technology calms those affected more easily. The test proved that it is correct and there is now a rush for communication technology; and medical agencies even say that communication technology are as important to affected people as food and water.

    Many people who are affected by chaotic events in the world aren’t able to call for help or to tell their families whether they are safe.

This has now become a world notified issue because we are at one of the most chaotic times and tests have proven that tech is a great way to reassure people in time of desperation.

Every nation is at a rush to donate tech to the less lucky countries to help everyone in need of comfort during desperate times.

Big nations such as Great Britain and America are trying to donate as much communications tech as possible: such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs for ways of open communication for help or just comfort.

Already many networks from companies such as Vodafone have been placed, providing instant access communications access for a 1 km radius per network placement and many more communications networks are to be placed in the near future.

              by Harry – coordinator for the Science and Technology section. 

Author: sabrchs

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