Massive increase in incidents on social media

Social media was invented for positive purposes: to enable communication between friends and many different people, and to share the things that people would want to see with the world. The problem is, however, that there are a huge number of issues that currently affect adolescents and young people caused by social media.

Ms Wright, a teacher who deals with these issues on a very regular basis, says that there is an awful lot of pressure implemented on young people. She said: “There’s been a massive increase in incidents on social media. Even in the last 2 years the number of problems have definitely increased. It causes problems in friendship groups and children receive threats and have been victims of cyber-bullying.”

It’s clear that it is a major issue that must be addressed because it is extremely worrying that some children are more deeply affected by this form of bullying than physical bullying. A survey conducted by Cyber Bully Radar found that 47% of 200 surveyed students had been bullied more times than they could remember, and many of those occasions were via text or social media. From these shocking statistics, it’s obvious that social media is having severe implications on the wellbeing of young people.


Author: sabrchs

This is Ambrose. We are a unique Catholic school. We have a deep commitment to each young person in our care to support them, nurture them and see them fulfil their potential. Our commitment is to the development of the 'whole child': to seeing our students grow in knowledge, confidence and maturity. The most important thing about us is that we are a Catholic community where everyone is welcome. Our faith is our greatest strength and sets us a great challenge each day: to find the best in everyone.

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