Rope Revolution!

An unbelievably brave rock climber by the name of Kevin Corrigan saved a life. This amazing man was climbing in Ontario at the Lion’s Head. He was climbing a 5.10a named Short Circuit, whilst another man was climbing Wired, a 5.10c route. When Kevin noticed the young man climbing next to him, he saw a peculiar rope that was in use. This was a marine hardware store rope! The belayer was using steel carabiners which care used for pulling trailers.

Kevin realized that this man couldn’t climb with this sort of rope and the belayer couldn’t do his job correctly with that type of equipment. Therefore, he courteously asked if he could lower the man down because his rope isn’t safe. This man told Kevin to get lost because he thought he didn’t know what he was talking about. Kevin decided to come off of the route and call the park rangers about how this man was climbing with dangerous equipment and is refusing to stop!

For a life lesson, if you are to ever go rock climbing, always use rock climbing rope. If you use marine rope, you will be sorry because rock climbing ropes are dynamic and are specially designed to stretch to make your fall easier. If this man were to fall attached to marine rope, his body would jolt and he could have severe injuries.

Rope DifferenceWritten by: Chloe



Author: sabrchs

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