Swegway or Deathway?

Are you thinking of a getting a hoverboard (swegway) for Christmas? Well, don’t get your hopes up. Like millions, you might be disappointed to find out that over 15,000 of them have been confiscated by health organisations for being too dangerous.

You might be thinking that they aren’t safe because you might fall off; however, it has been proven that 88% of them have a high chance of overheating rapidly, setting fire and even exploding!

Trading standards that check the imported goods have realised that it might be unaware to children that their hover-boards might be dangerous; therefore, a member of the Trading Standard organisation said that an easy way of spotting an unregulated hoverboard is by checking that it has a CE certified UK plug.

BBC’s Watchdog have bought the hoverboard from a man called Adam (selling fake hover-boards) and he has said to them:

“I would firstly like to mention that these boards and plugs are being sold nationally across the country by thousands of people. As mentioned before I have only had one previous complaint which was bought forward to me by a customer who wanted a replacement board or a refund, once realising she wasn’t going to get either as her son broke the board and caused the damages to it she notified me about the plug, which I didn’t take seriously as our relation wasn’t on the best off terms, I was concerned all checks and procedures were undertaken for there to be a CE marking on the board, plug and adapter, perhaps your right and these markings could be fake which I wouldn’t have known about but that’s where I would have assumed customs would have stepped in as these boards are all cleared before being allowed to be bought into the country. I am selling a suitable product for the public. Moving forward I will now get these plugs checked by the health and safety executive as well as having a PAT test done, if these allegations are correct I will then issue a recall and discontinue the current charger in favour of another one. I have children myself and wouldn’t have been selling a product that I thought was unsuitable or could harm anyone in anyway. I hope you can understand that my intention wasn’t to sell an unsuitable product and will now question the authenticity off a CE marking.”

The 2015 Christmas hit device on fire.

by Ben and Harry – Coordinators for the Science and Technology section.

Author: Benjamin

Editor in the St Ambrose Barlow BBC School Report.

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