The 5 Best Smartphones of 2015

It’s nearing Christmas and you may be wondering what phone to get your loved ones for Christmas. Well, here we have chosen (in our opinion) the top 5 smartphones to buy your friends and family for Christmas.

5. Microsoft Lumia 950

The Lumia 950 phone is a throwback from the past to a simpler time with its removable battery like the Samsung Galaxy S3, also being a temporary PC, allowing you to turn a nearby TV into a computer through a Microsoft Display Dock and a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s worth mentioning its excellent camera and lightweight design, but the lack of apps lets it down, making it number 5.

lumi 950
Number 5, the Lumia 950

4. HTC One M9

HTC is the perfect device for those who value personalisation, thanks to the new user interface, the HTC One M9 is not the necessarily a large step forward from the award-winning M8, but it remains a brilliant solution to the problem over which is the most flexible Android phone on the market, deserving number 4.

htc 1 m9
Number 4, HTC One M9

3. LG G4

LG’s latest phone, the G4, builds on the success of its competitors with an stunning 16MP rear-facing camera (for the days you’re on an adventure) and an 8MP front-facing lens (for all those selfies) and the option of a leather back, unike the Samsung Galaxy S6, it has a microSD slot and removable battery, earning the place of number 3 to buy for your family.

lg g4
Number 3, the LG G4


2. Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t Samsung’s latest phone but I am certain it’s a good one. With a water resistant coat, it’s no match for the puddles you run past every day in fear of dropping your phone in them. With a fingerprint scanner you have a more secure option to get in your phone and with the new Ultra Power Saving Mode you can use apps longer and faster, making it number 2 in this list.

galaxy s5
Number 2, the Galaxy S5.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

One of Samsung’s newest phones is the S6 Edge, it’s perfect for those times at night when you need to charge your phone at night with the wireless charging feature. Like the S5 at number 2 in this list, it also has the fingerprint scanner and the new Samsung Pay. With being one of the first phones to have a curved screen this definitely deserves number 1 with all its unique features.

galaxy s6 edge
Number 1, the S6 Edge

by Ben – coordinator for the Science and Technology section.




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