Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Christmas?

The console battle continues with Xbox and PlayStation. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) devices have been around for two years now but the battle continues.

Both companies have had many unique and exclusive games to their console however they both also had different approaches to gain more customers.

Xbox is no longer sending games into the Xbox 360 consoles, forcing users to convert to Xbox one which will cost more money for parents and also might start people worrying if they will be forced to spend even more money when the next Xbox console comes out.

PlayStation are waiting another couple of years before cutting of games on PS3, giving a more free choice whether to convert or not. Also the PlayStation 4 has a greater storage at with 1 TERRA BYTE; however have a greater chance of overheating.

Xbox one has a voice recognition system which might seem great however if hacked (which is unlikely, however, a possibility) would leave you vulnerable in your home but this issue could easily be solved by unplugging the device after usage.

To sum up the Xbox vs. PlayStation battle continues with both positives and negatives in both devices.

By Harry – coordinator for the Science and Technology section.




xbox v ps
Which will you choose?


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