New Humpback Whale Song Detected

Off the cost of Hawaii, there has been a brand new humpback whale song recorded and it stands out like a sore thumb compared to the other recording of this animal. In the 1970’s there was a wildlife album that went platinum, yet this recording is very unique and low. The recording is so low that most scientists don’t know what to think of it. This song has an unbelievably wide range of sound from an amazing 80-4000 hertz.

Samantha Smith said,”It’s very lovely to listen to the sound of nature.”

A biologist who works with the Whale Trust Maui in Hawaii named Jim Daring claimed, “We are just so used to hearing a certain type of sounds from humpbacks, and this was out of the range.”The scientists believe that this recording could be a sign of mating.

Jim Darling stated, “It’s like listening to a heartbeat with a stethoscope.”

There is one special whale who is making a very deep sound like the heartbeat. Here listen yourself…

So, what could this puzzling recording mean? We are yet to find out.

Written by: Chloe



UK Temperatures Expected To Climb!

After all that ice, the sun and heat is back again!

If you’ve been glum, if you’ve been cold, if you’ve been slipping and tripping on the ice there is some great news: there will be a big rise in the temperatures and it is estimated to reach the highest of 14 degrees Celsius!

After suffering day and night from the frosty bites, you will no longer have to wrap up warm.

Long-range forecasts from the Met Office’s Hadley Centre research unit predict 2016 could be the warmest in history!

by Ines

Approved Spy Murder

The murder of ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006 was ‘probably’ approved of President Putin.

After 10 years of questioning and mourning, it has been revealed that Alexander Litvinenko’s death was specifically approved by President Putin.

Litvinenko was an agent who was thought to have worked for the MI6. He was also believed to have been an enemy of the Russian state and an aggressive critic of Kremlin. His relationship with President Putin was unfortunately very strained.

Recently, there have been two suspects: Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtuncts but they have both denied responsibility. Also, a Downing Street spokeswoman has risen to the defence of Mr Putin saying “It is not the way for any state, let alone a permanent member of the UN Security Council, to behave.” But Polonium-210 is only accessible when given permission from the head of the state, for it is usually used for nuclear reactors; therefore many suspicions remain to rest on Mr Putin’s shoulders.

It is said that he was deliberately poisoned with Polonium-210 when drinking a cup of tea. Weeks later, he died. Marina Litvinenko told us she was “very happy” that “The words my husband spoke on his deathbed when he accused Mr Putin have been proved by an English court”  which tells us that maybe Putin really did approve of his poisoning.

His wife had insisted that the UK government demolish all Russian Intelligence Operatives and impose economic sanctions on Moscow. She also urged the government to give Vladimir Putin a travel ban.

After the inquiry went public, the UK has asked for Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtuncts but the Russians refuse to release them to the United Kingdom.

As of yet, no one has taken up the burden of having the responsibility of Alexander Litvinenko’s death.

By Aimee

Freedom of Press

Freedom of press in China. A lot of it is controlled, and what you may read is potentially biased.

Forced confessions, torture and false testimonies; common in the Chinese press. A lot of what the Chinese population reads, is controlled. The situation has gotten so out of hand; The International Federation of Journalists started a program in 2008 to monitor the violation of media rights. IFJ said: “the situation has steadily grown worse since Xi Jinping became President of China in 2013”.

An example of this would be of the recent story of Peter Jesper Dahlin, a Swedish rights activist who ‘confessed’ on China TV. He apparently confessed to have “worked for an illegal organization that sponsored activities that jeopardized China’s national security”. Family and friends have ruled out this confession as false, ridiculous and absurd. Followers of him claim that he was forced to do so, or that it was scripted.  Dave Crewhorn, a supporter of free speech said “This confession is completely false and I think he was tortured by the Chinese government.”

However some argue that he is a threat.  In the interview, he said he worked with Su Chanlan, a women’s rights activist and Xing Qinxian, activist, and lawyer, Wang Quanzhang. Rachel Tong, expert in education said “Don’t be absurd! No torture was involved, there’s no way the Chinese government would allow it.”

The idea of torture is not probable, but it’s not out of the question. An independent journalist called Gao Yu, made a confession after police threatened to prosecute her son. The IFJ said that her case was a landmark showing how the authorities, on one hand, chant that China is a country governed by the rule of law, while, on the other hand, law enforcement officers violate proper legal procedures.

“China’s a very complex country and its legal system is closely bound up in its history . There are lots of issues still in what is considered acceptable and this obviously has major implications for its legal systems. Many of the things we may not consider a crime can be viewed very differently for different cultures.” This was said by Henry Wright, an expert in cultural affairs.

For many, the idea of torture sickens them, but in China, it is a technique to get a confession. Yet, we don’t know how fair the Chinese newspapers are being. The way the government manipulates the press means we won’t get a fair argument. The sources they use are very biased and we don’t know who to trust. Journalists get arrested for writing the truth. Is this how journalists want to be seen as?

by Eleonora

Constellation of Celebs!

Another year comes and it’s the time for the 2016 National Television Awards! The television stars appear all glitz and glammed, ready for the red carpet and the paparazzi and the bright, white flashes of the camera at undoubtedly, one of the most star-spangled events of the year. With such a buzzing atmosphere, all the celebrities are styled to practically perfection to make dazzling impressions throughout at the night as they hope to win an influential award…

With Dermot O’Leary as the presenter of the night, who deserves his own award, it was bound to be an unforgettable night!

On the red carpet last night, former Coronation Street actress, Suranne Jones, even told us that she was pregnant! That is certainly an extravagant way of announcing the special news!

The Geordie duo that everyone knows, Ant & Dec, won their 15th NTA award in a row! They are very grateful and thankful for their 15 awards on the trot, however, they’ve even been told to step down a notch to give other presenters a chance! I don’t think that their successful career will give in any time soon!

The winners of the 2016’s National Television Awards are as followed:
Billy Connolly- Special Recognition.
Danny Dyer- Serial Drama Performance for Eastenders.
Shane Ward- Newcomer for Coronation Street.
Suranna Jones- Drama Performance for Doctor Foster.
Aidan Turner- Impact Award for Poldark.
Ant & Dec- TV presenter.
Eastenders- Serial Drama.
I’m A Celebrity…Get me Out Of Here!- Entertainment Programme.
Strictly Come Dancing- Talent Show.
Gogglebox- Factual Entertainment.
Downton Abbey- Drama.
The Chase- Daytime.
Peter Kay’s Car Share- Comedy.
The Big Bang Theory- International.
Doctor Foster- New Drama.
This Morning- Live Magazine Show.
The Great British Bake Off- Challenge Show.

Now we have to wait another year for the next NTA’s, a very much anticipated event in the TV business! And for us as we await the next winners!

Written By Natalie

Burns Barmy for Badminton!

St. Ambrose Barlow Year 11 students took part in an inter-schools badminton tournament yesterday.

The year 11 students of St Ambrose Barlow were participating in a badminton tournament on Wednesday the 20/01/2016. The boys finished second and the girls placed a solid third. “I was very impressed with their effort and the end result but unfortunately we couldn’t reach the next stage,” a satisfied Mr Burns added. The event took place at Sugden sports hall and all students involved were disappointed with the outcome but all stated they had a lot of fun and would willingly do it again.

This just shows that if you fail, try, try again till you succeed!

By Denojan

How The BBC School Report Is Made

Would you like to know what happens behind the scenes at the BBC School Report?

We caught the teachers and we interviewed them, asking them questions about this dedicated team of passionate journalists: Harry, Jack, Fernley, Anaya, Ryan, Ines, Lee, Matthew, Adam, Logan, Chloe, Autumn, Finnerty, Eleonora, Aimee, Natalie, Ben, Denojan, Cameron, Marcus and Kade- look out for these names in the future!

In this clip they talk about how our team was formed and in the video we showed us in our working space or HABITAT as Harry likes to say!

Producer: Harry

Cameramen: Logan & Adam