Drug Lord Finally Caught

El Chapo, a Mexican Drug Lord, has recently been convicted for his crimes. He was interviewed by Hollywood actor, Sean Penn, in the Mexican forest.

Juaquin Guzman, a man from humble beginnings, was the son of a farmer. He believed the only way he could make money was by selling drugs.

Strangely, most of the people that I interviewed didn’t know anything about this topic, or had briefly heard about it. Some of the people I spoke to opinionated on the man himself.
“I think he is arrogant, he could work his way up, and he could make the money he is making right now.” Some commented on Sean Penn, and how strange it was that he could contact him and no one else could.

Here is a recording of an interview with Joey, a shop assistant in Fatface in Manchester city centre:


by Eleonora

Author: sabrchs

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