The Enterprise: boldly brewing coffee for a bustling community

Grindsmith Coffee, a relatively local company based on Deansgate, hosted a coffee morning yesterday at the café in the Sixth Form.

Arguably one of the best independent coffee houses in the city, Grindsmith have a much more unique selling point than most other coffee businesses can boast: it’s served off a trike. The black trike which holds a coffee machine, a mini fridge and several other indispensable components gives Grindsmith a very vintage feel albeit the drinks are very modern.

The morning saw the trial opening of the coffee shop in the college which proved highly successful, with staff showing their delight at the luxurious coffee, complete with a rich aroma, silky steamed milk and espresso with subtle caramel tones. The menu includes several different specialities of coffee such as Cappuccinos and Flat Whites, in addition to Hot Chocolate and Tea.

Furthermore, residents of the local community were invited to the Sixth Form to socialise and chat with the staff, enjoy the selection of sweet pastries available at no cost whatsoever and simply unwind in a relaxed environment. Yesterday evening was also parents evening for the Year 9 students, and so the business venture was open and serving drinks to thirsty parents.

The school are currently negotiating a possible permanent coffee business in the Sixth Form which would be open for the local community during the school week too. Grindsmith are also in negotiations with St Ambrose Barlow with regards to apprenticeships for Sixth Form students.

Ryan, Editor

Logan, Presenter & Video

Adam, Sound Editor

Author: sabrchs

This is Ambrose. We are a unique Catholic school. We have a deep commitment to each young person in our care to support them, nurture them and see them fulfil their potential. Our commitment is to the development of the 'whole child': to seeing our students grow in knowledge, confidence and maturity. The most important thing about us is that we are a Catholic community where everyone is welcome. Our faith is our greatest strength and sets us a great challenge each day: to find the best in everyone.

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