It’s Not Just Fun and Games…

A company consisting of a conductor, life coach and a drama teacher are to teach a group of Year 9 students how to handle themselves in situations, such as, if they ever are bullied on social media.

They are practising for a concert, which is going to be performed at the Year 9 Easter Enterprise Fair, where the pupils will be making and selling their own products, and trying to make as much profit as they can.

The project has been brought to our school because through the period of young adult-hood, people are vulnerable to being victims of cyber-bullying.

During the sessions, in which there are 6 sessions, the chosen children express their feelings through music.

They create drama pieces of real life happenings – e.g., if they were being peer pressured into dealing drugs or stealing; all this, with accompanying music for a dramatic performance piece.

We interviewed two pupils, who have taken part in this project, to tell us what it was about and how it has helped them.

The experience has had a positive influence on the students and many of them now view social media differently, including remembering all the dangers of social media.


Written by Natalie

Mental Health

By Finnerty, Natalie and Autumn

Mental health problems are a serious issue but they are not commonly talked about and most people know very little about them. In school we have been told about mental health through workshops, assembleys and PSHE days, but lots of people still don’t understand how severe it can be or were to get help.
1 in 4 people living in the UK will experience mental health issues each year and 4-10% of people in England will experience depression in their lifetime. The most common form of mental health disorder in Britain is mixed Anxiety and Depression.
Every 7 years a survey is done of people living in England to find out the numbers of people who experience mental health issues each year (This is only a survey of people living at home so places like hospitals and prisons are not counted). These are some of the statistics from when it was last published in 2009:
2.6 in 100 people will suffer fromdepression.
4.7 in 100 people will suffer from anxiety.
1.6 in 100 people will suffer from an eating disorder.

There are lots of places to go for support with mental health problems:
and many more.

For more information about mental health visit

Google AI wins it’s second ‘Go’ game against top player


Lee Se-dol (a top player) was lost to a game of ‘Go’ by Google’s AlphaGo computer.

 Google’s AlphaGo was developed by the DeepMind team and was bought in 2014 by Google but what is ‘Go’?

‘Go’ dates back to ancient China and was thought to be made several thousand years ago. To play, you have to use black-and-white stones on a grid; players gain the upper hand by surrounding their opponent’s pieces with their own. The rules are simpler than the rules of chess, but a player typically has a choice of 200 moves compared with about 20 in chess.

It can be very difficult to detect who is winning in the game, and many of the top human players rely on instinct.

There are more possible positions to play in ‘Go’ than atoms there are in the whole entire universe!

“After it’s learned that, it’s got to reasonable standards by looking at professional games. It then played itself, different versions of itself millions and millions of times and each time get incrementally slightly better – it learns from its mistakes.”

Demis Hassabis – a developer at the DeepMind Team.

The machine learns and improves from its own playing experience; this means the super computer is now even stronger than when it beat the European champion late last year!

By Ben – Coordinator for the Science and Technology section

The Oscars

On the 28th February the 88th annual Oscars ceremony took place in the Dolby theatre in Hollywood. This is a wonderful occasion in which the best films and performances of 2015 are celebrated. Many awards were distributed including Best Actor going Leonardo DiCaprio (finally!). However, it was greatly criticised for the nominations’ lack of diversity. The last black actress to win an award was nearly 15 years ago. This controversy even spread to other awards ceremonies like the BAFTAs and the BRITs.

Jada Pinkett Smith was the first to comment on boycotting the Oscars saying that people of colour are always welcomed to give out awards or perform but are rarely presented with awards themselves. She also posted a video on Facebook with her talking about her opinion on the situation’s development.

The host of the night, Chris Rock (a black actor and comedian) acknowledged the criticism but tried to remain uninvolved. Idris Elba however, felt very strongly about the allegations and even spoke to Parliament about the struggles that celebrities of colour have to withstand.

The president of the academy, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, told the press that she is taking large steps to alter the academy’s membership in order to improve the diversity  in the award winners and those involved. Let’s hope that next year the Oscars go to plan with many ethnic minority winners!



B-2 Bomber Asteroid Skims Past Earth

The Asteroid nicknamed the ‘B-2 Bomber’ missed Earth by only 2.5 million miles, but will be back in 2017.

 It was spotted three years ago by US astronomers and didn’t come as close as some scientists predicted (15,000 miles). NASA did have to send a message to the general public reassuring them that the asteroid wouldn’t come close to Earth.

 When it returns to Earth there is a 1 in 250,000,000 chance it would collide with Earth causing major damage.

 The last time Earth was affected by an asteroid was in 2013 when a 65 ft wide rock exploded in the sky over Russia, shattering windows and injuring an estimated 1,100.


By Lee & Matthew

Down Goes Mcgregor

McGregor gets beat in his latest fight.


McGregor lost his latest fight against Nate Diaz on the 5th March at 4:13 GMT in the morning. McGregor finally got beat by Diaz in the second round, he had come to the fight with a fifteen game win streak whereas Nate had only won one game. Connor McGregor had to move up two weight classes to take part in the fight at UFC 196 against Nate Diaz.


McGregor has won various awards in his UFC career such as fastest title knockout against José Aldo, which lasted thirteen seconds; he also won the fight of the night award. He has won the performance of the night award five times. In the fight against José Aldo, Connor McGregor won the UFC featherweight championship belt; all this took place in Las Vegas’ Octagon Arena.


After the weight gain, McGregor weighed 77kg, which is 1kg more than Nate Diaz who weighed in at 76kg. Before the fight McGregor weighed 65kg, it took Connor McGregor ten days to add 12kg to his weight. He moved up two weight classes specifically to fight Nate Diaz, but it appeared to not be worth it.


By Kade