B-2 Bomber Asteroid Skims Past Earth

The Asteroid nicknamed the ‘B-2 Bomber’ missed Earth by only 2.5 million miles, but will be back in 2017.

 It was spotted three years ago by US astronomers and didn’t come as close as some scientists predicted (15,000 miles). NASA did have to send a message to the general public reassuring them that the asteroid wouldn’t come close to Earth.

 When it returns to Earth there is a 1 in 250,000,000 chance it would collide with Earth causing major damage.

 The last time Earth was affected by an asteroid was in 2013 when a 65 ft wide rock exploded in the sky over Russia, shattering windows and injuring an estimated 1,100.


By Lee & Matthew

One comment

  • Well done,Lee and Matthew,a very interesting article,let’s hope the asteroid stays well away from Earth again next time around!


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