Highest Terror Threat in Europe For 10 Years

As of now, there has been a growing speculation of a terror threat in Europe.

In early November 2015, there were a series of attacks in the Capital of France, Paris. This revealed the failure of Europe’s ability to suspect upcoming terrorist attacks. The man behind it all, Abdelhamid Abaoud, was able to move through countries and back into Syria without any interruptions, despite being the outrageous subject of an International Arrest Warrant.

Other attackers were caught in the act, but were still able to succeed into escaping and are probably on the run right now.

“I think it is likely that we will have another attack,” admitted Mr Rob Wainwright (who is currently the director of the agency responsible for the co-ordination of the European Union’s law enforcement.)

He has expressed the fact that this terror threat has been the biggest they had faced for 10 years, but they have been working around the clock to prevent any harm that might hit their citizens in the future. They are also happy to say that the intelligence shared has significantly increased which shows their decisive determination to prevent another Paris-like attack.

But Mr Rob Wainwright is still cautious and certainly aware of the 5,000 young men that have been radicalised by ISIS (Islamic State of Islam and Syria).

We can only hope for the best in the future.


Written by Aimee

Author: sabrchs

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