Boaty McBoatface’s First Voyage

Boaty McBoatface is set for it’s maiden voyage on the week starting 12th March and ending the 18th March. On it’s first trip, it will be going the Antarctic. It’s mission will will be to enquire about the water flow and turbulence.

Boaty McBoatface (now called the Sir David Attenborough) was first given the name Boaty McBoatface because the general public voted in a poll after the NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) thought was a good idea. A former BBC Radio Jersey presenter James Hand offered the name Boaty McBoatface as a joke. Then surprisingly it became the most popular name.

The JCR (James Clark Ross) is the ship that will drop Boaty into a 3,500m-deep gap underwater ridge. The ridge extend to the North East of the Antarctic Penninsula. Boaty will be searching the bottom of the ocean for the water flow and turbulence.

It will also take be taking picture of the deep ocean for signs of life.

Overall Boaty McBoatface will be remembered for a long time, not necessarily for its research, but for its nickname!

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