Fighting Famine In South Sudan

Famine in South Sudan.

There has been a terrible famine that has arrived in South Sudan, which is the first famine in six years. South Sudan had a brutal civil war that lasted 25 years. This resulted in South Sudan independence in 2011. But a conflict in December 2013 reopened deeply rooted tension that had not been reconciled.

South Sudan ranks as the 11th Country in the world for child hunger with 32.5% of children that are younger than the age of 5, underweight. This is because about 60% of South Sudan is inaccessible by road during the rainy season, complicating relief efforts by WFP and other agencies. Another reason is because disruption to trade routes and food markets mean the conflict is increasing hunger even in areas not affected by the fighting

With over a million people forced to leave their homes, the conflict is reversing some of the progress made recently. 270,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries since December. Between 4,000 and 5,000 pour into Ethiopia weekly, many with high rates of malnutrition.

Quotes for well known new reporting teams that have been to the site have said, “Waters offer desperate families refuge from war but little food.”-Itv News. This quote alone shows how little food they get.

To raise we have both entered a sponsored run and whatever we make will be donated to a charity that supports the famine in South Sudan.

by Ailis and Simmone

Author: sabeditor

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