VAR, The Story So Far.

VAR has been through a roller coaster of praise and criticism as the controversial system carries on into the World Cup.

VAR also known as Video Assistant Referee is a system which assists the officials during a match, another referee from the league will be in a control room and will point out anything the referee on the ground might not be able to see. VAR can be used in the following situations:
•Disallowed goals
•Penalty Decisions
•DIRECT Red Card (Can’t be used in second yellow card decisions)
•Mistaken Identity (If the referee punishes the incorrect player)

There have been multiple controversial moments in VAR’s short time in the Premier League, such as, in Chelsea’s FA Cup game against Norwich in the late minutes of Extra Time there was a penalty shout that was checked by VAR and was deemed to have been a dive which Willian got a yellow card for, the controversy came from the fact that the video was showing clear contact from Norwich defender Timm Klose. Chelsea could’ve won that game instead of going to Penalties. Chelsea won on penalties, but this still doesn’t hide the fact that the Referee of that game should’ve viewed the footage.

VAR also has a silver lining though because history was made in Leicester City’s FA Cup fixture against Fleetwood when Kelechi Iheanacho’s strike to score in the seventy seventh minute was disallowed by an offside decision, VAR’s “parallel line” decision feature for offside calls was used to overturn the offside call and award the goal, this was the first time in the Premier League that VAR awarded a goal that wouldn’t have been given without it.

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