Victims abused at BBC News studios in Manchester

Jimmy Saville abused victims at BBC Studios and several other locations due to an ‘admiring culture’ at the BBC, an escaped report has claimed.

A draft report from the Dame Janet Smith’s leaked report into the BBC and the sexual abuse carried by the shamed Jimmy Saville, reveals ‘there were at least 61 sexual assaults at the BBC’s studios with victims as young as nine.’

The early report by the news website Exaro says: “Saville carried out four rapes – two of girls under 16 – and one attempted rape during his time at the BBC.

Abuse was also carried out in corridors, kitchens, canteens and dressing rooms. Incidents occurred at BBC Television Theatre, Broadcasting House, Television Centre, Lime Grove studios and other studios around the UK, including in Manchester and Glasgow.

Rapes and indecent assaults on girls and boys occurred in “virtually every one of the BBC premises at which he worked”. He carried out abuse on the sets of Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, at least once on camera.”

Tony Hall, BBC Director General said: “Firstly, my thoughts and all our thoughts are with the victims of Jimmy Saville and their families.

“What happened was a dark chapter in the history of the BBC.”

“Dame Janet Smith’s report will be invaluable in helping us understand what happened and to help ensure that we do everything possible to avoid it happening again.

“The review has said that the copy leaked to the media is an early draft which has changed considerably, so while I am impatient to learn those lessons the responsible thing must be to act on the final report which we have not received.

“The review expects the report to be published within six weeks and we hope it will be published as swiftly as possible.”

By Benjamin, correspondent for the Science and Technology Section

Drug Lord Finally Caught

El Chapo, a Mexican Drug Lord, has recently been convicted for his crimes. He was interviewed by Hollywood actor, Sean Penn, in the Mexican forest.

Juaquin Guzman, a man from humble beginnings, was the son of a farmer. He believed the only way he could make money was by selling drugs.

Strangely, most of the people that I interviewed didn’t know anything about this topic, or had briefly heard about it. Some of the people I spoke to opinionated on the man himself.
“I think he is arrogant, he could work his way up, and he could make the money he is making right now.” Some commented on Sean Penn, and how strange it was that he could contact him and no one else could.

Here is a recording of an interview with Joey, a shop assistant in Fatface in Manchester city centre:


by Eleonora