Rope Revolution!

An unbelievably brave rock climber by the name of Kevin Corrigan saved a life. This amazing man was climbing in Ontario at the Lion’s Head. He was climbing a 5.10a named Short Circuit, whilst another man was climbing Wired, a 5.10c route. When Kevin noticed the young man climbing next to him, he saw a peculiar rope that was in use. This was a marine hardware store rope! The belayer was using steel carabiners which care used for pulling trailers.

Kevin realized that this man couldn’t climb with this sort of rope and the belayer couldn’t do his job correctly with that type of equipment. Therefore, he courteously asked if he could lower the man down because his rope isn’t safe. This man told Kevin to get lost because he thought he didn’t know what he was talking about. Kevin decided to come off of the route and call the park rangers about how this man was climbing with dangerous equipment and is refusing to stop!

For a life lesson, if you are to ever go rock climbing, always use rock climbing rope. If you use marine rope, you will be sorry because rock climbing ropes are dynamic and are specially designed to stretch to make your fall easier. If this man were to fall attached to marine rope, his body would jolt and he could have severe injuries.

Rope DifferenceWritten by: Chloe



Is It Just A Game?

Positive And Negative Effects Of Gaming


Gaming? Is it safe? Many parents ask this question. They’re all concerned about their children’s safety whilst playing video games. But there are many positive sides to it too. Continue reading “Is It Just A Game?”

Queen Vicky’s Jungle Quest

The journey of 2015’s “I‘m A Celebrity, Get Me out Of Here” Winner!

The programme that many young viewers anticipate is over for this year; 3 weeks of an unforgettable experience for the celebrities that took part. The winner of this year is Vicky Pattison, former Geordie Shore star, has been through an emotional rollercoaster.

She joined the show later than everyone else, with TOWIE’s Ferne McCann and 90210’s villain, Spencer Matthews.

Everyone was welcoming when Ferne and Vicky joined the camp- and the viewer’s loved the entertainment as Vicky was voted for various Bushtucker Trials. The Geordie Gal attracted the audience with her feisty, engaging character.

With her background on the Newcastle-based reality TV show, she admitted that with her time on the Australian reality show  , she has said that she has made many mistakes in her life and she is not proud of her past: she was lucky to be spared a 5-year prison sentence after attacking a female bouncer at a nightclub in Newcastle in 2013, also, to cope with her broken relationship, she began heavily drinking to get rid of the heartbreak and pain.

She hopes that her win proves that she “wasn’t bad person”, but she was going through a rough patch in her life.

Many people are thrilled with the win of the hilarious Geordie star.

Fellow pupil, Autumn, says: “I’m glad that Vicky won because she was my favourite person because she’s fearless and funny as well. She’s changed throughout the show as when she first came on, she cared about her appearance, but as the show went on, she fought for stars for her camp-mates and she didn’t care what her hair looked like or what she looked like.”

Written by Natalie

Clash of the Politics!

Ann Coulter and Piers Morgan have a fierce debate

This morning on ITV, Piers Morgan had a harsh argument with Ann Coulter about the 3-4 million Muslims being forced out of America. Ann Coulter suggests that America’s welfare is just for Americans and the mentally ill and thieves shouldn’t be allowed in the U.S.

“Why do we need them?” Ann conservatively said.

Ann Coulter said this with a sharp tone and a very discriminating meaning. She was basically saying that America doesn’t need immigrants to come and work; she thinks America isn’t poor and has enough people working for the citizens. She agrees with Trump’s actions and believes that all Muslims should be made to leave. Ann agrees with Trump and decides to back him up.




Ann carries on with her outrageous speech and decides to carry on with her racist and discriminating argument.

“Even before they started shooting, what are the point of Sayeed Farouk’s parents? His father was a truck driver.  Americans can drive trucks,” Ann stated.

“Maybe it would be slightly more helpful to deport you Ann Coulter,” said Piers with determination.

“Is that your argument?” Ann stated astonished. “No, that’s a good-bye,” said Piers with relief.

Apparently, Ann and Morgan have had other, “Clashes,” before, so this is no surprise. They had this argument because they both have very different views on this subject Ann is going along with Trump and Piers disagrees. Who is right? What do you think?

Written by: Chloe


Carlisle United Fight Storm Desmond

Carlisle United first team players give a helping hand to victims hit by Storm Desmond­­­­­­­


Carlisle United Football Club have been helping the locals of their name sake after the county of Cumbria has been hit by the devastating storm Desmond. The effects of the storm are horrific; Carlisle’s stadium has been put underwater and remains submerged; many homes have been demolished by the flooding and many people have been temporarily put out of business. As a result of this, the Carlisle players all agreed to help move furniture from homes and clear houses.

The city of Carlisle has been hit by storm Desmond and is being helped by Carlisle Football Club; the players have agreed to help the people of Carlisle as they believe they need to help their loyal fans and give something back to the community. The storm hit on the sixth of December and floods and damaging remain there. Now that the stadium is submerged, all of Carlisle’s games have to be played away due to the storm’s effect on Cumbria.

The footballing side are in League Two and are placed sixth in the league, they are just coming out of the F.A. cup with a 5-0 win over Wellington United and are playing Yeovil town in the third round of the F.A. cup.

By Kade and Marcus

Paris Plunges into Pain

On the night of the 13th November, Paris, France, was hit with a series of coordinated terror attacks from three groups, each made up of three people, of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) members. The attacks were spread throughout the city and the nearby suburb of Saint-Denis.

At least 130 died, 350 were wounded and 99 are in intensive care due to these horrific events.

Just after 9.20pm (GMT+1)  at the Stade de France, as a large crowd was enjoying the first half of an friendly international football game between France and Germany, the first attacks were launched with two explosions going off virtually simultaneously four miles apart.

The next target was central Paris at 9:25pm. A separate team of gunmen arrived at the Right bank area of the city in a black Seat and moved to open fire on a restaurant and bar. As many people enjoyed a Friday night out, 15 people were killed in the Petit Cambodge Cambodian restraint in Rue Bichat and on the other side of the road at the Carillon bar.

The same unit of terrorists then drove 500 yards to the next location for the fourth attack. They opened fire on diners at the Casa Nostra pizzeria and killed at least 5 people.

At around 9.35pm La Belle Equipe bar in Rue de Charonne was hit after the militants drove around a mile south east to launch this attack. The balcony was sprayed with bullets killing at least 19 people.

The Bataclan concert venue, in Boulevard Voltaire,  was the target of the most deadly attack where at least 89 people lost their lives when gunmen, operating AK-47s and wearing suicide vests, stormed into the full house of 1,500 people who were watching the US rock group “Eagles of Death Metal” perform. Two of the militants blew up their explosive belts as heavily armed anti-terror police ended the two hours and fourty minute long siege at around 12.30am. A third terrorist was shot by police. The first policemen at the scene arrived about 20 minutes after the attack began at around 10pm. The attackers had retreated to an upper floor by the time a heavily armed Swat team arrived at around 10.15pm. All the people the police could find were evacuated and then the police went upstairs in to columns to the left and right of the auditorium. Some people emerged from various hiding places as the police continued. One officer, named only as Jean, who was involved in the raid said “They came out like zombies. They were in a terrible state and could hardly walk.” Nick Alexander, a British man, has been confirmed by family to have been one of the many to have lost his life at the Bataclan.

Police burst in to give order to the final assault when, protected by heavy metal shields, they burst open the doors and advanced down the corridor which was revealed to be full of 20 hostages at 12.20am.

The officers kept advancing and rushing screaming hostages out as the attackers opened fire. Police threw a stun grenade and fired their guns when they finally came face to face with the attackers. One attacker was shot down and the other detonated his suicide vest blowing up both their bodies. This assault lasted three minutes.

At around 9.50pm a third blast took place by a McDonald’s restaurant on the fringes of the Stade de France.

The noise caused by the explosion caused terror among spectators who had already been attempting to leave the stadium following the first two explosions. The match had continued, with many believing that the first noises had been fireworks, but word soon spread of what had happened outside the stadium, as people read updates on their phones.

File:Memorial to November 2015 Paris attacks at French embassy in Moscow 12.jpg
Memorial to Paris attacks at French embassy in Moscow

Is More Mobile Technology Needed?

Throughout this year there have been many disasters, and medical agencies have done a test to find if technology calms those affected more easily. The test proved that it is correct and there is now a rush for communication technology; and medical agencies even say that communication technology are as important to affected people as food and water.

    Many people who are affected by chaotic events in the world aren’t able to call for help or to tell their families whether they are safe.

This has now become a world notified issue because we are at one of the most chaotic times and tests have proven that tech is a great way to reassure people in time of desperation.

Every nation is at a rush to donate tech to the less lucky countries to help everyone in need of comfort during desperate times.

Big nations such as Great Britain and America are trying to donate as much communications tech as possible: such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs for ways of open communication for help or just comfort.

Already many networks from companies such as Vodafone have been placed, providing instant access communications access for a 1 km radius per network placement and many more communications networks are to be placed in the near future.

              by Harry – coordinator for the Science and Technology section. 

Two Killed As Police Raid Flat

Trauma in St Denis as police raid Parisian suburbs

On the 18th November 2015, a woman has blown herself up and a man has been shot dead as the Paris police raid a flat in Saint-Denis. With force, the police used guns and offensive weapons to barge into the flat. A government spokesman has declared remains of a third body may be under the rubble. They were looking for the apparent “mastermind” of the attacks on Paris; his name is Abedlhamind Abaaoud.

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