Poaching of Rhinos


The grim truth is that the numbers of rhinos being poached is increasing. However, the numbers of these innocent creatures being poached are decreasing in some areas; the poaching statistics are a grave concern in other areas, particularly in Zambia.

Dr Emslie used the analogy of squeezing a balloon:


“If you clamp down on poaching on the one side of the Kruger National Park, beside the Mozambique border, then suddenly the balloon pops out a bit the other side and you can get more poaching.”


Wildlife poaching is the fourth largest crime in the illegal trade, the rhino horns are one of the most expensive items. These poachers are using the same technology as those who are trying to save the rhinos, such as tracking devices. The total of rhinos, globally, is only a mere 25,000.


Ideas are being bounced back and forth to protect these creatures, but as we take time thinking how to save them, these beautiful creatures are dying.