Fossil Of Oldest Pine Tree Found

Scientists have recently unearthed the world’s oldest pine tree known to man. The charred remains of a pine tree dates back 140 million years ago when fire roamed the land.

Nowadays, the trees have evolved and adapted to fire. They are not completely resistant, but they have evolved. “Pines are well adapted to fire today,” Dr Howard Falcon-Lang (Royal Holloway, University of London) claimed.

The Fossils were preserved as charcoal and were only recognised as tree fossils when Dr Howard Falcon-Lang dissolved the ‘specimens’ in acid.

This is a remarkable discovery. Dr Falcon-Lang claims they are the most fire adapted specimen in the world.


By Lee

New Humpback Whale Song Detected

Off the cost of Hawaii, there has been a brand new humpback whale song recorded and it stands out like a sore thumb compared to the other recording of this animal. In the 1970’s there was a wildlife album that went platinum, yet this recording is very unique and low. The recording is so low that most scientists don’t know what to think of it. This song has an unbelievably wide range of sound from an amazing 80-4000 hertz.

Samantha Smith said,”It’s very lovely to listen to the sound of nature.”

A biologist who works with the Whale Trust Maui in Hawaii named Jim Daring claimed, “We are just so used to hearing a certain type of sounds from humpbacks, and this was out of the range.”The scientists believe that this recording could be a sign of mating.

Jim Darling stated, “It’s like listening to a heartbeat with a stethoscope.”

There is one special whale who is making a very deep sound like the heartbeat. Here listen yourself…

So, what could this puzzling recording mean? We are yet to find out.

Written by: Chloe