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Jurgen Klopp questions Gary Neville’s Suitability as a TV pundit



Jurgen Klopp has recently questioned Gary Neville’s suitability as a TV pundit after he criticised Liverpool’s goalkeeper in his match against Bournemouth conceding four goals.

Klopp said “He showed he struggled with the job to judge players so why do we let him talk about talk about players on TV?”

Klopp made reference to Gary’s short-lived career as a manager of Valencia CF, only lasting four months.

His brother Phil then said the keeper should “keep his mouth shut”, as BBC’s Match of the Day analysed the keeper’s display against the Hammers last weekend.

“The Neville brothers – the one who was the manager he obviously should know that too much criticism never helps” Klopp said about Gary’s poor job at Valencia.

Both Gary Neville and Carragher criticised Karius after the loss at Bournemouth in November, before the former Mainz keeper hit back at Neville in a newspaper interview.

He said “I messed up but I don’t care what Gary Neville says… he is always very critical.”


By Matthew

African Footballer of the Year Announced

After weeks of voting, the African footballer of the year has been announced, and Riyhad Mahrez took the trophy over Yaya Toure, Andre Ayew, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Sadio Mane.

On the 12th December 2016 at 5:30 pm, Riyhad Mahrez won his first ever African Footballer of the year, which is voted for by the public. It is a very prestigious award in Africa, as it shows you were the best footballer in that continent in that respected year. The voting system eliminates three of the five candidates early on, and then reveals the winner about an hour later. The three people eliminated first are in particular order, but the last two are the first and second in the voting.  Sadio Mane came in a close second but Riyhad Mahrez took the trophy. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was eliminated first which left some people very surprised. The next footballer eliminated was Yaya Toure who has won the award twice (the same amount as Jay-Jay Okocha and one more than George Weah) but maybe he didn’t have as good of a year as the other contestants, so there was not much outcry over his elimination. The last of the first three eliminations came in the form of West Ham’s Andre Ayew who was injured at the start of this season so it came as no surprise when he was eliminated.

It came down to the final two footballers: Liverpool’s Sadio Mane and Leicester’s Riyhad Mahrez. Both players had never won the award before, and so wanted just as bad as each other. Eventually, Mahrez won the award after taking Leicester to a BPL title. He told BBC sport   “It means a lot, it’s something big for African players so I am very happy, I am very proud”.

By Matthew

New era of Footballing Rules?


Recently, during an interview, Pep Guardiola  (Manchester City Manager) had a few rule adjustments in mind for the FA to consider adding in to the beautiful game.

 During the interview, he suggested the idea of giving the managers the opportunity to use up to 6 substitutions during the course of the 90 minutes. He believes that, “They [the players] are focusing on more and more and more – it affects the quality,” which means that because football is becoming more intense, in footballing quality and on the athletes themselves, that they are becoming at risk of burning themselves out.

He also stated, “You play against Milan, Juventus, Madrid and you have to win. People demand you have to play good [with] no preparation. Then you come back and it’s 11 months again and it’s the European Cup. ”

“This kind of thing is impossible because we are going to finish [the season], then after one week the World Cup then after three weeks we go to the pre-season, we go to China, the States, Australia,”

So far, nothing has been said by FA regarding this matter, but we believe nothing shall come of it apart from a few confused faces towards Guardiola.

By Cameron

Anthony against Klitschko?

Anthony Joshua’s fight against Eric Molina was a breeze for Joshua. It was a hard hitting brawl between two beasts where Joshua came out on top. After three rounds, Joshua knocked out Molina.

Molina must of been looking for Anthony Joshua not to turn up fit and catch him off guard with a knock out punch, but sadly for Molina, Joshua brought the fight to him. With Joshua clean sweeping Molina, is Klitschko next to face Joshua?

Joshua says money will never get to his head with the quotes “Fighters can lose their way after tasting a bit of success but it’s not about the money, it’s about class,” and “It’s about morals, how much you conduct yourself. Glitz and glamour doesn’t come into it. I don’t live in luxury, I’m still at home with my mum!”

So will Joshua get Kiltschko or will he have to go through someone else?

By Fernley


Down Goes Mcgregor

McGregor gets beat in his latest fight.


McGregor lost his latest fight against Nate Diaz on the 5th March at 4:13 GMT in the morning. McGregor finally got beat by Diaz in the second round, he had come to the fight with a fifteen game win streak whereas Nate had only won one game. Connor McGregor had to move up two weight classes to take part in the fight at UFC 196 against Nate Diaz.


McGregor has won various awards in his UFC career such as fastest title knockout against José Aldo, which lasted thirteen seconds; he also won the fight of the night award. He has won the performance of the night award five times. In the fight against José Aldo, Connor McGregor won the UFC featherweight championship belt; all this took place in Las Vegas’ Octagon Arena.


After the weight gain, McGregor weighed 77kg, which is 1kg more than Nate Diaz who weighed in at 76kg. Before the fight McGregor weighed 65kg, it took Connor McGregor ten days to add 12kg to his weight. He moved up two weight classes specifically to fight Nate Diaz, but it appeared to not be worth it.


By Kade

Maria Sharapova at fault?


The professional Russian Tennis player, Maria Sharapova, 28, has failed her drug test for the Australian Open.
The substance found was meldonium, a drug she has been taking since 2006 due to medical reasons. On the 1st of January 2016 the rules for meldonium, or mildronate, changed and it was made illegal for the sport, but Maria claims she had been taking it legally for the past ten years and did not know that the rule had been changed; otherwise she would have not failed the drug test.
This was not to say she doesn’t know what she had done wrong, she admitted, ‘I did fail the test and take full responsibility for it.’ She is facing up to a 4-year ban, however many people who personally know her, like ex-professionals, really believe this was an honest mistake. 18-time Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova felt like this, whereas Jennifer Capriati said she was ‘angry and disappointed,’ and also said, ‘In my opinion, if it’s all true every title should be stripped. This is other people’s lives as well.’
She claims that on the 22nd of December she received the email of Wada (World Anti-Doping Agency) however failed to click on the link that told her the rule changes. There is one way that Sharapova will not get a ban of up to 4 years, which is by applying for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption). This allows the player to use a banned substance, without committing an anti-doping rule violation, if they have a medical condition that allows this, in Maria’s case her diabetes. Her contract with Nike has been terminated until further investigation and her other contracts: Evian, Tag Heuer, Porsche and Avon, could end up doing the same thing. On the other hand her racket sponsor, Head, have decided to back her and extend her contract through the current predicament.

By Cameron

Burns Barmy for Badminton!

St. Ambrose Barlow Year 11 students took part in an inter-schools badminton tournament yesterday.

The year 11 students of St Ambrose Barlow were participating in a badminton tournament on Wednesday the 20/01/2016. The boys finished second and the girls placed a solid third. “I was very impressed with their effort and the end result but unfortunately we couldn’t reach the next stage,” a satisfied Mr Burns added. The event took place at Sugden sports hall and all students involved were disappointed with the outcome but all stated they had a lot of fun and would willingly do it again.

This just shows that if you fail, try, try again till you succeed!

By Denojan

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