Visit Chile

Chile. A gem buried in South America. The Atacama Desert, Santiago (the capital), Easter Island. The landscape varies throughout the country. Explore every corner, every path. The country itself is curled up against Argentina.

Watch the sun set in ‘Valle de la Luna’ (Valley of the moon), in the cool breeze and the warm coloured skies. On top of a sand dune, you can sit and drink a cold drink. This enchanting place is called Valley of the moon for its lunar-like forms caused by floods and winds.

Or perhaps you would like to discover the mystery of the Rapa Nui; in the Easter Island. Stand in front of those stone creatures and imagine a world were these creatures unveil the story behind them. After your visit, you can go diving with the fluorescent fish, or surfing in the clear water. Discover the entire island in on bike, cycle all around and let the wind guide you.

The Atacama Desert. The driest place on earth, but also one of the most beautiful.  Its Mars-like terrain will transport you to a different universe. The setting is not only inspiring, but it refreshes your mind.

Think about Chile. Think about your world.

By Eleonora