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Evolution in Coding

Recently, a campaign called the Hour of Code has been set and many schools are taking part.

Many people have different opinions on it, however at St. Ambrose Barlow RC High school we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is an interview with the headmaster: Mr Davis

We asked Mr Davis some questions:

Why did you choose to allow the Hour of Code in your school?

I chose it because it is a good thing for children to learn about.

What is your opinion on the Hour of Code?

I believe that it is a vital thing for pupils to learn about and that it is a great skill.

Do you believe that coding is a good skill and if so do you think that everyone  should know about it?

Yes because it is very important and even though some people may just see the hour of code as a bit of fun for an hour,  for others it could create a whole new branch for opportunities.

As Mr Davis stated, coding is important and everyone should know about whether they will need to know about it for their career or not.

Being a game maker, an IT teacher and even a musician, you’ll need some knowledge of code, and there are many ways to learn it, online, on a course, and even  in school at the hour of code.

In conclusion, as the headteacher said, the ability to code is a important thing for everyone to learn, no matter how or where; because as the planet’s tech evolves so must our knowledge of how it works.

By Harry, Jack and Ben- Coordinators of the school news team.

The 5 Best Smartphones of 2015

It’s nearing Christmas and you may be wondering what phone to get your loved ones for Christmas. Well, here we have chosen (in our opinion) the top 5 smartphones to buy your friends and family for Christmas.

5. Microsoft Lumia 950

The Lumia 950 phone is a throwback from the past to a simpler time with its removable battery like the Samsung Galaxy S3, also being a temporary PC, allowing you to turn a nearby TV into a computer through a Microsoft Display Dock and a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s worth mentioning its excellent camera and lightweight design, but the lack of apps lets it down, making it number 5.

lumi 950

Number 5, the Lumia 950

4. HTC One M9

HTC is the perfect device for those who value personalisation, thanks to the new user interface, the HTC One M9 is not the necessarily a large step forward from the award-winning M8, but it remains a brilliant solution to the problem over which is the most flexible Android phone on the market, deserving number 4.

htc 1 m9

Number 4, HTC One M9

3. LG G4

LG’s latest phone, the G4, builds on the success of its competitors with an stunning 16MP rear-facing camera (for the days you’re on an adventure) and an 8MP front-facing lens (for all those selfies) and the option of a leather back, unike the Samsung Galaxy S6, it has a microSD slot and removable battery, earning the place of number 3 to buy for your family.

lg g4

Number 3, the LG G4


2. Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t Samsung’s latest phone but I am certain it’s a good one. With a water resistant coat, it’s no match for the puddles you run past every day in fear of dropping your phone in them. With a fingerprint scanner you have a more secure option to get in your phone and with the new Ultra Power Saving Mode you can use apps longer and faster, making it number 2 in this list.

galaxy s5

Number 2, the Galaxy S5.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

One of Samsung’s newest phones is the S6 Edge, it’s perfect for those times at night when you need to charge your phone at night with the wireless charging feature. Like the S5 at number 2 in this list, it also has the fingerprint scanner and the new Samsung Pay. With being one of the first phones to have a curved screen this definitely deserves number 1 with all its unique features.

galaxy s6 edge

Number 1, the S6 Edge

by Ben – coordinator for the Science and Technology section.




Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Christmas?

The console battle continues with Xbox and PlayStation. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) devices have been around for two years now but the battle continues.

Both companies have had many unique and exclusive games to their console however they both also had different approaches to gain more customers.

Xbox is no longer sending games into the Xbox 360 consoles, forcing users to convert to Xbox one which will cost more money for parents and also might start people worrying if they will be forced to spend even more money when the next Xbox console comes out.

PlayStation are waiting another couple of years before cutting of games on PS3, giving a more free choice whether to convert or not. Also the PlayStation 4 has a greater storage at with 1 TERRA BYTE; however have a greater chance of overheating.

Xbox one has a voice recognition system which might seem great however if hacked (which is unlikely, however, a possibility) would leave you vulnerable in your home but this issue could easily be solved by unplugging the device after usage.

To sum up the Xbox vs. PlayStation battle continues with both positives and negatives in both devices.

By Harry – coordinator for the Science and Technology section.




xbox v ps

Which will you choose?


Click on Xbox or PlayStation

Is More Mobile Technology Needed?

Throughout this year there have been many disasters, and medical agencies have done a test to find if technology calms those affected more easily. The test proved that it is correct and there is now a rush for communication technology; and medical agencies even say that communication technology are as important to affected people as food and water.

    Many people who are affected by chaotic events in the world aren’t able to call for help or to tell their families whether they are safe.

This has now become a world notified issue because we are at one of the most chaotic times and tests have proven that tech is a great way to reassure people in time of desperation.

Every nation is at a rush to donate tech to the less lucky countries to help everyone in need of comfort during desperate times.

Big nations such as Great Britain and America are trying to donate as much communications tech as possible: such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs for ways of open communication for help or just comfort.

Already many networks from companies such as Vodafone have been placed, providing instant access communications access for a 1 km radius per network placement and many more communications networks are to be placed in the near future.

              by Harry – coordinator for the Science and Technology section. 

Swegway or Deathway?

Are you thinking of a getting a hoverboard (swegway) for Christmas? Well, don’t get your hopes up. Like millions, you might be disappointed to find out that over 15,000 of them have been confiscated by health organisations for being too dangerous.

You might be thinking that they aren’t safe because you might fall off; however, it has been proven that 88% of them have a high chance of overheating rapidly, setting fire and even exploding!

Trading standards that check the imported goods have realised that it might be unaware to children that their hover-boards might be dangerous; therefore, a member of the Trading Standard organisation said that an easy way of spotting an unregulated hoverboard is by checking that it has a CE certified UK plug.

BBC’s Watchdog have bought the hoverboard from a man called Adam (selling fake hover-boards) and he has said to them:

“I would firstly like to mention that these boards and plugs are being sold nationally across the country by thousands of people. As mentioned before I have only had one previous complaint which was bought forward to me by a customer who wanted a replacement board or a refund, once realising she wasn’t going to get either as her son broke the board and caused the damages to it she notified me about the plug, which I didn’t take seriously as our relation wasn’t on the best off terms, I was concerned all checks and procedures were undertaken for there to be a CE marking on the board, plug and adapter, perhaps your right and these markings could be fake which I wouldn’t have known about but that’s where I would have assumed customs would have stepped in as these boards are all cleared before being allowed to be bought into the country. I am selling a suitable product for the public. Moving forward I will now get these plugs checked by the health and safety executive as well as having a PAT test done, if these allegations are correct I will then issue a recall and discontinue the current charger in favour of another one. I have children myself and wouldn’t have been selling a product that I thought was unsuitable or could harm anyone in anyway. I hope you can understand that my intention wasn’t to sell an unsuitable product and will now question the authenticity off a CE marking.”


The 2015 Christmas hit device on fire.

by Ben and Harry – Coordinators for the Science and Technology section.