Trump’s Travel Ban Blocked Yet Again

The travel ban for Muslims from six mainly Muslim based countries has yet again been blocked, but this time, by the judge of Hawaii.

The travel ban was an order that said there would be a ninety day ban for six mainly Muslim countries an a hundred twenty day ban on Muslim refugees. President Trump used this order to “stop the terrorists from entering the United States but critics say it is very discriminatory towards the Muslim race.”

The first travel ban was issued back in January, but this caused protests among US citizens and refugees. Consequently, a judge in Seattle blocked the ban, therefore stopping the travel ban before it could take place.

Judge Watson said that the ban would cause “irreparable injury” by violating the First Amendment protections against religious discrimination. Hawaii also said that the ban would lower down tourism and the ability to recruit potential students and workers.

Mr Trump’s administration has argued, however, that as long as his interest is in keeping the country safe, he is not discriminating any religion.

Back in January when the ban was first ordered, it was protested against due to the fact that it would likely stop the process rights of certain individuals with valid visas and paperwork. The argument if whether the ban questioned the rights of the Muslim immigrants was kept silent. Until today.

Mr Trump was rather angry about the ban and said that he will continue the case until it is done.

Trump: numbers surge in online petition

Donald Trump. A candidate for president. A successful business man. But his hate speeches have caused uproar in the UK. His controversial views have caused those in the UK to create a petition to ‘ban’ him.

“If the United Kingdom is to continue applying the ‘unacceptable behavior’ criteria to those who wish to enter its borders, it must be fairly applied to the rich as well as poor, and the weak as well as powerful.”

This is from the website of the petition.The point the petition makes is a short yet powerful one. The law should apply to all. Trump’s speech against Muslims was prejudice, saying all of them were basically terrorists. This petition is already over 112,000 signatures, and the government is only meant to answer after 10,000 and the parliament after 100,000. They both should respond shortly. Numbers are surging and they won’t stop.

This online petition could have the power to change opinions of those in the US. We will provide further updates as the story progresses.

By Eleonora